Sacred Voices

voice and trails

Gold and Rose Petal Water

We met for Love and for Love we let ourselves be carried away by something full of brightness, youthfulness and unpredictability. The feeling that accompanies us on our journeys is that we were not the ones who chose this encounter.

A good amount of innocence, one that sharpens our senses to the point of making us ageless, a mysterious harmony of voices and an uncontrollable laughter, make us feel that there is a New Love that seeks itself through our steps. This exuberant magnetism is Pure Joy and begins in the Name Myriam of Magdala!

We are not the ones who chose the Path, but we follow the Flame of the Sunset!

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Take a look at our Agenda, there you will find the upcoming events and also our Logbook! We invite you to get to know Magdala better by reading our stories - take a look at the wonderful memories of the Capuchos Trail , the Sainte Baume Trail and the Sabugal Trail.

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