Sound Trails of the Love Rose

Logo and Illustration by Soraya Meyer
Logo and Illustration by Soraya Meyer

The meaning of Magdala is the journey, the movement and direction towards the Mystery. There is, therefore, an ever present unpredictability and impermanence and that is why Magdala sings: My Faith is anchored in my Heart.

Magdala's Song is nourished by the Consciousness of the Cyclical Life, we dance the dance between day and night with the presence of Light and Fire - Faith - the Creative Void that allows everything to end so that it can begin again... Magdala knows that the journey never ends, that's why they want nothing - that's why nothing is lost - everything is given to the Altar of the Love Rose.

Thus breathes the melody of Magdala - the Devotional Song - the prayer, the invocation that goes to the bottom of the question, not to answer it, but to free it. Let's say that the consonance with life that moves in cycles depends on the Innocent Song: more than understanding/thinking about what we sing, we invite you to dance, to sing, to feel our Words, to enter them like a bird flying in the open sky. But if you want to think about them, let the Heart in the Full Body be the one who asks... there you will find the excellent aroma of the Love Rose.

About the Love Rose

The Love Rose is a Symbol of integration and purification of the Bodies manifested in the various instances of existence on Earth and beyond the Earth. It is True Beauty. Love Rose springs from the center of the Circle of Women and Men united to dissolve the tension points of memory, placing history at the service of Ascension. Through Song and Gesture, the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies naturally sip the nectar of the Rose. Any energy of pain is imbued with Marian Essence... the essence of holy anointing.

Myriam of Magdala directs your gaze towards the Gold, your Solar Self, telluric and cosmic. The Gold is awakened as the body relaxes and decompresses. The Song is the sweet weaving of the butterfly's cocoon, the Metamorphosis depends only on your surrender to the natural rhythm of the beat. The Love Rose is also the miracle within the Time God, the sensation is that of the total fusion, in a single instant, of flower, cocoon and flight... The Love Rose knows the time of honey and the flapping of wings, she awakens the Vision of the unimaginable.

Pure Joy - the honey - is endless energy in the lap of its petals. That's why Magdala comes and goes, coming and going on the wings of the butterfly, carried and surrendered to the Divine Breath.


Sacred Songs and Improvisation... Bridges between Heaven and Earth.

The musical genres that best express the mystical quality of Magdala are the Devotional Song and Improvisation.

Devotional Song is a simple melody whose aim is to musically translate the substance of the prayer/invocation. The energy of the Song awakens mystical, pure and intense sensations in the body and is easily sung by everyone! Its aesthetics are based on the line of the leaf, the petal or the perception of the aroma of faith, it is a natural and intuitive aesthetic. We adopted this musical genre originating from Afro-Brazilian culture due to its specificity, its direct connection to the Source and the nature of Prayer. The Devotional Songs that we created, for Myriam of Magdala and for her Sacraments, are created mainly during our travels and through contemplation, they are intuitive melodies that are born at the water's edge, and the Sea, the River, the Lake, they inhabit our Heart.

The Improvisation is the principle of creation, total surrender to nature in each moment, each space, each circle and each person that comes to meet us. The voices flow through the sensitive perception of an endless number of aspects of Reality, the improvisation is radically true. The sensitivity of the first note already contains within itself the progress and the final point, and that is why we so often feel transfigured through the unexpected, the body levitates, the sound crosses dimensions, the embrace of the Luminous Sphere of Myriam of Magdala is so profound as possible.

We sing for the Name and about the Name, feeling that everything is synthesized in her, Mary brings together Iemanja and Kuan Yin because her principle is One. The culture of our bodies and minds is blessed and praised, we feel our ancestry and all those who preceded us as Root, but within us the flavor of the future vibrates and that is why we sing: Magdala comes and goes singing the New Love of Christ on Earth - the Love that hides nothing, an exalted Love that Sees everything and integrates everything.

The Love of the Flame of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua is the luminous Song present in all our Music.

We await you!