Magdala comes with the sea waves, Magdala goes with the sea waves, she dances, she whirls, she sings and brightens. In the love of the sea, she brightens the Path to Magdala. Magdala comes and goes singing the new Love of Christ on Earth. Devotional Song for Myriam of Magdala

Created on March 20th 2023 on the way to a Equinox celebration called Flower Festival (Capuchos Trail), the vocal quartet Magdala is composed of the singers Ana Maria Pinto, Diana Baptista Ferreira, Maria João Machado and Susana Borba Brandão. Magdala's vocals were revealed in front of the sea, at the Guincho beach, with the words: Axe Yemanja, Odoia Queen of the Sea, my womb is my altar, I allow myself to Overflow, Immenseness is my Home. This devotional song, intuitively created by Maria João Machado, is an invocation to both Sources, Yemanja and Myriam de Magdala, two omniscient faces of the essence that creates and generates Life in the most perfect movement. Immenseness is the openness to the unknown, to multicultural expressions of ancestry and to expressions beyond time/space.

The inspiration that moves the quartet is mystical and ethnic, with a continuous osmosis between the ancestry and the future, between the material and the immaterial. The Song is feminine, but moves towards the integration between feminine and masculine energies - Magdalena and Yeshua. The gesture that accompanies the musical expression is a continuous invocation of the human nature that knows the point of connection between heaven and earth. The name of the group itself, chosen unanimously and very intuitively, refers to the birthplace of Myriam of Magdala, the Magdalene, which means tower. Magdala is then the starting and ending point of a path towards the Inner Truth, but also the edification of a new structure, "the new Love of Christ on Earth".

Magdala finds in the Devotional Song and Improvisation the musical genres that best convey their substance: the melody is simple and easily sung by everyone, it is deeply intuitive and sensitive. The Love Rose accompanies all of Magdala's trails and gestures. Her perfume reveals the secrets of the purest Beauty.

The way in which the harmonics vibrate in the fusion of Maria João and Diana's low voices and Susana and Ana Maria's high voices, makes for an inexplicable feeling in the Melody. The Will to sing and have sung what is Sacred begins within this Sound, in its Mystery. Magdala feel that in their Voice there is an energy that generates itself to reveal several Paths:

Synchronicity is the most common language in Magdala. Therefore, there is a continuous feeling of consonance with the great Laws that govern nature and the stars. The role of the quartet is to perceive the language of Life as It Is, knowing that all the instruction/information required to listen to its appeals is in the Physical Body. Delight is the translator of this vivid language, the enjoyment inherent to the inner impulse - to the most profound freedom. Magdala knows that to be true to themselves, they have the Mission to have eyes to see and ears to hear, the same as saying the Entire Body. In the Light of Mary Magdalene - Myriam of Magdala - the Word speaks of Itself: the Human becomes Solar, Radiant and Authentic - the Word spoken is Natural - there is no effort, only Delight.

On July 21st, the Magdala ensemble made their debut with their Devotional Songs for Myriam of Magdala, created during their journey to the Grotto of Mary Magdalene in France (Sainte Baume Trail), as well as interpretations of some of the most beautiful songs of the Afro-Brazilian culture that translate musically the forces of nature - the orishas.